Thursday, 16 August 2012

An Angel Appears

Today there was an angel :)
Esme missed 2 years of her shcool life due to the anorexic demon. Over the last year angels have been fighting hard for her and claimed a major victory.
She has just finished her first year in college where she took the GCSEs the demon stole from her and an AS in Art.
She passed her maths with flying colours and is waiting for her English and Science results.
AS results today made  the happy, confident girl peep through. She announced her A result quietly and without fuss via a FB private message to me.... 'Well done' I chirp up the stairs, 'Never doubted it'.
She checks her score (slightly more subdued due to the perfectionist in her)
I am so proud of her, not just because she passed her exam with flying colours but because she has had to battle hard against all odds to attain that. She is truly inspiring and I love her.

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