Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hi fellow bloggers. My name is Carla (aka Kittenwiskas).
I've been thinking about making a blog for such a long time and have either not got around to it, or have sat in front of the PC staring helplessly at it having absolutely no clue where to start. SO in the early hours of this morning when all these thoughts started running around my head (like hundreds of Bolts doing the relay race) I decided "Today is the day"
So here I am typing some 'tosh' after my daughter guided me through the simple steps... 'But I want to make it look pretty' says I....'How do I do the background and stuff?'
'Mum just type something about yourself first, then you can do all that' she sighs...Then she leaves the room (rather sensibly I feel) as I am about to embark on a journey of    CREATING A BLOG........................


  1. Great to see you've started a blog, Carla! And, yes, the background does look very pretty! Lots of love, Batty xx

  2. Thanks Batty, and I did it all myself lol xx