Thursday, 16 August 2012

So Looking Back

I was sorting through some drawers and came across a couple of notebooks I began to write in 2008. I never really kept them up very well, and have several of them with little snippets of life in.

Tues 24th March:
Dr ***** rang me at work to tell me that Esme needed to get up to the hospital for further examinations. Heart rate only 35 - . Rang the surgery to ask them for referral. Duty doc would not refer... He couldn't see the emergency.
Weds  25th March:
Saw Dr # who spoke to Dr ***** on the phone. After more ' waiting ' appointment was made for Esme at hosp the next day...thanks to 2 people.
Thurs 26th March:
At hosp for almost 9 hours, more blood tests, another ECG - very thorough check. Very concerned about eating issues. Found a bed for Esme at ED clinic for tomorrow.


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